Nail Extensions Chelmsford

Nail Extensions Chelmsford

Looking for Nail extensions Chelmsford?

Nail Extensions are usually a lightweight nail shaped plate which is glued to the tip of your natural nail to add length. Acrylic, gel, fibreglass or another mixture is then applied on top of the nail extension and is usually set in to secure the extension and add strength and shine to the nails.
Women are spoilt for choice when it comes to nail extensions:
Acrylic nail extensions – The acrylic is created by mixing a powder and a liquid to create a substance that can essentially be painted over the nail tip and harden. Acrylic nail extensions are then buffed to give them a nice clear finish and can be removed by soaking the nail in acetone.
Gel nail extensions – also known as UV gel extensions, differ from acrylic extensions in that there is no mixing involved and the gel is already in bottle and is painted on and “set” under UV light.
Fiberglass or silk nail wraps – Fiberglass nail extensions use a fiberglass mesh or fabric that is placed on the nail and then treated with resin to make the fiberglass clear. After the application of the resin, an activator is usually sprayed which provides a hard finish.

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