Hands And Feet

Manicure –  (File, Cuticles, Massage, Polish)£25.00
Heated Manicure – (File, Cuticle, Massage, heat mitts with a luxury masque and Polish)£32.00
Express Mani –  (File Cuticles Polish)£18.00
Pedicure – (File, Cuticles, rasping, exfoliation, massage, and polish)£30.00
Heated Pedicure – (File, Cuticles, rasping, exfoliation, massage, heat mitts with a luxury masque and polish)£37.00
Express Pedicure – (File Cuticles Polish)£18.00
File and Paint £15.00
Add French£2.00

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 Getting your nails done? Why not book another pampering treatment too! Eve Taylor Facials, body massage, hands and feet, bio sculpture gel nails, waxing, lvl lash volume and lift, eye treatments, lash perfect lashes and laser hair removal.


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