Russian Lashes

Russian Lashes are the latest lash product and technique which is ideal for ladies that don’t have many lashes and want a fuller natural look, or even ladies who are aiming for a very glamorous look. Russian Lashes are synthetic mink lashes that weigh less than a natural eyelash.

Russian Lashes Price List

Full Set£88.00

Russian Lashes are defiantly NOT cluster lashes, cluster lashes are placed along the lash line over several lashes at a time; this is why they can cause so much damage to your natural lashes over an extended period.   The BIG difference is that Russian Lashes are individual lashes that are grouped together and placed on one host lash at a time. Each lash is isolated, as we do for the standard one to one eyelash extensions, and not across several lashes. Russian Lashes last longer than false strip lashes, and they look fantastic whether you prefer a natural or very glamorous look.

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